28 Eyl 2011

IBM Champion Cüneyt Göksu on DB2 and Databases

Which of our IBM Champions would be most comfortable camping with minimal gear?

DB2 expert Cüneyt Göksu is incredibly active in the international DB2 community, but still makes time for outdoor sports, survival camping and hiking and writing.

Since starting his work with DB2 as an intern in 1990, Cüneyt has seen the size of databases grow dramatically. Meanwhile, the focus has shifted from merely warehousing data to business intelligence to full-fledged business analytics. The industry has evolved to include new types of data, such as XML and large objects.

“DB2 is supporting SOA architecture as a database-as-a-service. We see compression, we see high availability. All these functionalities have evolved and changed DB2. It is not only a data management product anymore, it’s the GOLD Standard of databases,” Cüneyt says.

As a Certified Solutions Expert, Cüneyt has demonstrated a range of knowledge that enables him to work with larger customers and on government contracts. He points to certification as a very smart move for a career, as it opens doors and proves that you have gone above and beyond to really learn how a solution works.

Cüneyt first got involved with IDUG in 1996, and it completely changed how he looks at the DB2 community. He established a regional group in his native Turkey in 2003, and it now has more than 250 members from all corners of the DB2 world. He is selected for IDUG Board of Director in May 2011.

Cüneyt has been part of IBM Gold Consultant Team since 2009.

Cüneyt is also very involved with the planning committee of the IDUG-EMEA conference and was a past conference chair. This fall, IDUG EMEA will convene in Prague November 14-18, with free certification classes on the Sunday before the conference officially begins. Throughout the conference, regional groups and special interest groups meet to discuss specific topics. You can test products, share feedback and meet fellow DB2 peers from around the world.

Cüneyt explains the value of IDUG EMEA’s 100+ sessions in six tracks: “You meet with a lot of peers from different geographies. You exchange ideas on how to use the product... The most valuable thing is the education, the networking, and giving feedback to IBM to enhance the product.”

Between IDUG events, Cüneyt follows several blogs and websites, including Database Trends & Applications, the IDUG Solutions Journal, DBMS2 from Monash Research (for competitive information), fellow IBM Champion Craig Mullins’ blogs, IBMers Chris Eaton and Willie Favero and more. The DB2 10 for z/OS LinkedIn group is also a favorite haunt.

To learn more about Cüneyt, follow him on Twitter @CuneytG, read his Database Guidelines blog (in both English and Turkish), connect with him on LinkedIn and listen to our podcast interview below.

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