14 Haz 2013

Taksim! Unexpurgated…

Why I choose this title?

Because from the very first day of Taksim Gezi Park Resistance, local mass media with a few exceptions ignored this social movement. We, the protestors and freelance journalists, used social media to be heard and seen.

This is the most significant social resistance to the existing government since it’s elected. Most of the opposition movement is joined together for the first time as a whole and united for a single goal!

What’s this goal?

The goal is to be seen, heard and respected by the government. They would like to be seen as interlocutor?

It’s started to react for a demolishment project in Taksim Square. It was a very unique, peaceful protest. People established a camp inside the park and wanted to be heard, just wanted to be heard, seen and respected. Then, one night police forces attacked those peaceful protestors as they are enemies. Even in a war zone, civilians are respected but police did not allow them to exist and used tear gas unfairly with extreme power. Destroyed those peaceful protesters.
Police started the fire with no mercy!

Then we reached today!

Millions of people, all over Turkey are protesting as a whole and united in several cities. Even the most tough football fans from different teams are united and actively participating the resistance.
There is no leadership here. So many political parties are on the ground but none of them is leading the movement. So many people with different views are represented such as religious people, nationalists, Turkish, Kurdish, socialists, Gay&Lezbiens, Students, Middle Class, Working Class, etc. etc…

We’re protesting what?

We started to protest Gezi Park Project as a whole but today it’s more than that. All those people are protesting Prime Minister for his rude and haughty wording.

We’re protesting the brutal act of police. They’re not only using tear gas but unfortunately they’re targeting it to the people randomly to the head! Why police used tear gas for a place that people may panic and crush each other? Why they’re abusing people instead of trying to negotiate ?

We’re protesting the Minister of Interior and Istanbul Governor since they do discrimination to people who’re killed in those movements. For Instance they call the policeman who killed himself accidentally as “My Policeman” but they call the young boys who are killed by police as “Those boys”. This is a direct discrimination of the people of Turkey. We think those who are killed in this movement are all “brothers or sisters” no matter who they’re… activist or policeman.

Prime Minister, returned to home from overseas trip and he was waving to his supports who are shouting as “Yol ver gidelim, Taksim'i ezelim” means (Let us go, let’s wipe out Taksim!) .

The root cause of the all issue is Prime Minister’s haughty and arrogant attitude and unfortunately the expected solution  should come from him as well since he is the absolute authority.

In a democracy, the future of a society or a resolution of an issue should not be in hands of a single man.

If that happens we cannot call this as a democracy!

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